21st Century Accounting Software Upgrades

21st Century Accounting Version 7.3.00

The 7.3.00 21st Century Accounting Upgrade can be installed on both the US and Canadian versions of 21st Century Accounting. Installing the Upgrade will bring your 21st Century Accounting to the 7.3.00 version level.

Problems Fixed in Version 7.3.00

    Bank Accounts/Deposits – In Bank Accounts/Deposits, when more than one item is listed in a batch, a duplicate error could occur while clicking through individual items in the batch. This error would have shown as a modified record with a check mark next to the item name. This error has been corrected.


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Keep your software up to date!

We strongly recommend that you install this 21st Century Accounting Upgrade whether or not the issues addressed apply to you. Enhancements and fixes to the software contribute to its overall robustness. For certain support issues, 21st Century Accounting technical support technicians will not be able to provide support unless you are running on the latest version of the software.