21st Century Accounting Software Upgrades

21st Century Accounting Version 8.0.03

The 8.0.03 21st Century Accounting Upgrade can be installed on both the US and Canadian versions of 21st Century Accounting. Installing the Upgrade will bring your 21st Century Accounting to the 8.0.03 version level.

Enhancements in 8.0.03

    1099-NEC - If you have vendors set up to be recorded on a 1099, you will also be able to produce the data for the 1099-NEC. Box 1 of the 1099-NEC is supported and will be filled in regardless of which 1099 Box you have elected in Payables/Configure/Vendors. To produce the data for Box 1 on your pre-ordered 1099-NEC form, go to Payables/Print/1099 NEC. If you need to adjust the placement of the Box 1 amount to suit your pre-ordered forms, check Customize Reports and Forms in the System menu. When you preview the form in 1099 NEC, you can move the blue lines to adjust the placement.

    1099-MISC - Changes have been made to the 1099 - MISC. The following table shows how the changes correspond to Box selections for 2020.

    2019 2020 Name Supported?
    Box 1 Box 1 Rents Yes
    Box 2 Box 2 Royalties Yes
    Box 3 Box 3 Other Income Yes
    Box 4 Box 4 Federal income tax withheld No
    Box 5 Box 5 Fishing boat proceeds Yes
    Box 6 Box 6 Medical and health care payments Yes
    Box 7   Nonemployee Compensation See 1099-NEC
    Box 8 Box 8 Substitute payments in lieu... No
    Box 9 Box 7 Payer made directs sales of $5000 ... No
    Box 10 Box 9 Crop insurance proceeds Yes
    Box 11 Box 11 Blank  
    Box 12 Box 12 Section 409A deferrals Yes
    Box 13 Box 13 Excess golden parachute payments... Yes
    Box 14   No longer included in form No
    Box 15a Blank Blank  
    Box 15b Box 14 Nonqualified deferred compensation Yes


    Positive Pay - You can now export a CSV file to accommodate Positive Pay banking requirements. To access these exports, go to System/Company/Export/Custom.

    • In the 'Data to export' box, use the pull-down arrow to select either PositivePay1 or PositivePay10. Both of these exports include the Account Number, Check Number, Check Amount, Check Date, and Payee Name for any checks that have not been reconciled. The PositivePay10 export pads the account number to make 10 digits.
    • Select the 'Export type', either CSV or Tabbed.
    • The Export file name will be automatically filled in. If you wish to change this location, browse to the location of your choice.
    • You must enter a Check Date range to produce the file and select either All or a specific bank account.
    • Click OK to produce the file which can be found at the location indicated. If you wish to rearrange items in the CSV file, open the file in excel and rearrange the columns as needed.

      C21 Help
      - Added help for 2020 Federal Income Tax (FIT) changes.


    To view a list of past changes click here.


    Download all changes since 2.0.0: Click Here

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    We strongly recommend that you install this 21st Century Accounting Upgrade whether or not the issues addressed apply to you. Enhancements and fixes to the software contribute to its overall robustness. For certain support issues, 21st Century Accounting technical support technicians will not be able to provide support unless you are running on the latest version of the software.